Audrey Elson is Cool 31 min (Big Boobs are Cool series)

Audrey Elson is Cool on burningangeltbms

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Summary: Being a boob expert has really opened up a lot of doors for me. I mean, a 34 D looks totally different than a 36 D. I had no idea! I thought there were just "D"s. There is so much I need to learn. Audrey has 36 D boobs and they really are so cool. She was so sweet and quiet and seemingly innocent - I had no idea she was gonna take it in the ass! I was like, "AH!". She got fucked in the back of a super cool tattoo shop called Traditional Ink in LA. I think tattoos are pretty cool...even though LA isn't super cool. But Audrey Elson is definitely cool. And so are her boobs.

Niches: Big Tits, Hardcore

Clips: 123456

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